With shipping industries being traditionally male dominated and many of the high paid work positions occupied by males, gender pay gap shows the differences in the average pay between men and women, as the causes of which can vary enormously.

The report shows that the lower quartile and therefore lower paid roles are predominately secretarial, administration and support functions which are usually occupied by females employees. Namely, 82% of the female workers are in the lower quartile, while 18% are male.

At the same time, the upper quartile is surrounded by male, as 76% in a leadership position are male and 24% are women.

Credit: NEPIA

We are confident that our approach to pay is impartial. Our internal processes relating to salary, bonus and variable pay elements include a review of external benchmarking and both business and individual performance.

As North P&I Club recommended, the gender pay gap reporting is a must for every organization in the United Kingdom, in order to understand the difference between the gender pay gap and equal pay and the pay differences among men and women who carry out the same or similar jobs. “Gender Pay Gap reporting is a mandatory duty for organisations in the United Kingdom which have at least 250 UK employees”

North is committed to having a diverse and inclusive working environment. "We are confident that, by continuing and developing the initiatives below, through time our gender pay gap will improve".

Facing the gender pay gap, North P&I Club plans to continue providing equal opportunities for career development and progression.

We want every career journey with North to be characterised by two things – it is clear what we all need to do to make progress and everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.


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