Specifically, according to the inspection that was conducted in December 2018 by Rijkswaterstaat, there is a problem on the rail runway of the Noordersluis.

To further investigate this problem, a more thorough inspection is required to the foundation plate of the rail track. During the block three diving teams set to work on this inspection, by placing measuring equipment on the rails.

These measurement data are examined and analyzed.

After the inspection, an investigation and analysis will report whether and which restoration measures are important and when they should be conducted.

Port of Amsterdam regrets that the Noordersluis is not fully operational for five weeks. To minimize the inconvenience, the following measures are taken:

  • The congestion of the Middensluis is stretched during the block to a maximum of 136 by 23 meters for maritime and inland shipping, with a bow thruster obligation.
  • There will be a tugboat at the Middensluis.
  • There is extra towing capacity at the Noordersluis during the lock blocks.
  • There is a mechanic present at the Noordersluis during the locking process, in order to solve faults quickly.