The medical certificate is due two years from the date a seafarer verification card was issued, and New Zealand recommends waiting until two months before it’s due to get it and send it.


The requirement to have a certificate of medical fitness is in Maritime Rule 34.20 and the Maritime Transport Act 1994.

If someone already has a medical and it is still current, or is not currently using the ring-fenced ticket, then he/she won’t need to get a certificate of medical fitness.

In the future, if someone decides to work, he/she will need to get a Certificate of Medical fitness before starting work.

Maritime New Zealand says that there are three steps for someone to get a medical assessment:

  • Make an appointment with your GP - or any GP, if you don't have your own.
  • Get these two forms. Seafarers need to complete the seafarer declaration on the medical examination form. - Medical examination form - Certificate of medical fitness
  • Take the forms with you to your appointment and ask your doctor to complete both forms. The Doctor will give you the original certificate of medical fitness and will email the copy.