The proper cleaning of cargo tanks in order to receive their next cargo is a complex operation and is a crucial part of safe operation on board, specifically regarding the carriage of sensitive chemical cargoes.


The effectiveness of tank cleaning for such cargoes is many times assessed by visual inspection and a methanol wall-wash test which involves the application of a solvent to certain areas of the cargo tank bulkheads.

The solvent is then analysed for key quality parameters. If this test is not conducted properly or thee results are read wrongly by crew, then this could have the direct result of a shp being de-berthed and/or additional and unnecessary tank cleaning taking placed with all the related further costs and time losses.

Videotel’s VR training module titled 'Wall Wash Test-Protecting Your Cargo', has been produced in association with the company's VR content partners OMS.

By immersing the learner in the virtual reality environment, it is possible to give them a deeper understanding of the processes and procedures required to undertake a wall wash test effectively by giving the user a 360° visualisation with haptic motion controllers, providing an unrivalled simulation of the real-world task that a competent seafarer must perform

states Raal Harris, Videotel’s Managing Director.

He also pointed that chemicals are volatile and the carriage of a previous load can impact the next one if the correct processes around tank cleaning are not followed. The VR training title aims to provide a better learning and assessment.