With the quantity of data shared between vessels and shore-side teams increasing at an accelerating rate, personnel on board and ashore are having to spend ever more time uploading, downloading and managing file transfers manually. As well as being tedious, such repetitive tasks increase error risks, with the potential for serious financial consequences if the data lost or overwritten is needed to verify compliance.

The new tool automates synchronisation of files and data relating to vessel operation with next to no intervention. It also provides an automated alternative that reduces the growing administrative burden on fleet IT managers and crew.

What is more, the tool operates across various connectivity platforms, including 3G, 4G, L-band and VSAT, maximising throughput in each case. To further conserve bandwidth, it monitors files intelligently, only sending on those that have changed since the last replication.

GTReplicate can also enable automated bi-directional transfer of selected files, folders, or entire folder structures with multiple mechanisms for maintaining total data integrity. Shore-side email can be used as both replication source and target.

More advanced options include ship-specific task creation as well as pre- and post-transfer processing for maximum flexibility.

Mike McNally, Global Director at GTMaritime stated:

Ship owners are now embracing digitalisation as a low-overhead route to improved operational efficiency, but the growing information flow poses challenges for manual processes in ship-to-shore data transfer