The standards review which system is referred to for water depths and how to communicate admission policies and vessel’s arrival and departure times in the ports.

To properly plan a port call, shipping companies need detailed information about many factors, such as depth, water density and the port’s admissions policy and arrival and departure times.

If a shipping company has a clear picture of local water depths and vessel speeds, it can adopt better safety margins in its planning. This means that a ship can enter the port at a higher speed and with more cargo on board. This can provide extra revenue and a reduced environmental footprint.


These standards aim to enhance communication, increase efficiency and improve safety conditions. Under this light the Port of Rotterdam Authority has developed the PRONTO application. PRONTO provides shipping companies, agents, service providers and operators with a joint platform for the exchange of port call information.

The first version of PRONTO will be made available to users in Rotterdam in the second quarter of 2018. After this period, the application will also be shared with other ports.