The vessel with a service speed of 25 knots, can operate close to optimum engine load even at slow speeds because of its diesel electric propulsion plant and azimuthing pods.


The four engines have a combined power of around 48 Megawatts and are fueled by marine diesel oil (MDO). There are also two tunnel thrusters located at the bow which, combined with the azipods. These enable the ship to move laterally without any forward or aft motion.

There is also a large battery bank to power the vessel while dockside, facilitating zero emissions in port.

The ship is certified as a EuroClass Type A ship and is SOLAS compliant.

KNUD E. HANSEN aims to achieve the highest level of survivability with strict adherence to Safe Return to Port (SRtP) requirements through the inclusion of redundant, segregated power and propulsion systems as well as passenger safe havens and an auxiliary wheelhouse

the company stated.