The new vessels will have a length of 238 metres, a beam of 34 metres and will have a gross tonnage of 64,000 tonnes. They will be able to transport over 7,800 linear meters of rolling units.


Their loading capacity will be double compared to the one of the largest ships currently operated by the Neapolitan group and triple compared to previous generation of Ro-Ro ships.

While travelling at the same speed, they will consume the same quantity of fuel, increasing efficiency regarding consumption/ton of freight transported.

They will be the first examples of a new series of hybrid Ro-Ro vessels, which will use fossil fuel during navigation and electricity while in port, ensuring "zero emissions in port". The vessels will be equipped with mega lithium batteries which will allow them to meet the energy requirements while at berth. These batteries will be recharged during navigation, via shaft generators, and with the aid of 600 m2 of solar panels.

The design of the ships, called was developed by the Technical and Energy Saving Department of the Grimaldi Group together with Knud E. Hansen. The order has been awarded to the Chinese shipyard Jinling.