This Insight Report provides a better understanding of the global safety challenges in the passenger ferry industry. It analyzes where accidents are happening, why they happen and what steps can be taken to reduce the lives lost in this sector.


It also compares the differences between different regions identifying those most vulnerable, where overcrowded ferries without proposer safety equipment are common. In some instances crew training and basic seamanship practices are lacking.

The report presents the following key findings:

  • The highest number of fatalities has occurred in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia;
  • Globally, the causes of ferry accidents are related to economic status, value placed on life and social outlook of the operators and passengers in the countries where the incidents occurred.

The report also recommends that:

  • A non-profit, ferry-operator funded organisation dedicated to improving ferry safety should be established.
  • The network of safety experts who contributed to the work should be supported and expanded.

Commenting on the report Dr. Daryl Attwood said that much needs to be done to improve safety in this industry. The countries experiencing the most fatalities and needing the most help are in Asia.

Professor Richard Clegg, Foundation Chief Executive, mentioned:

Lack of sufficient safety in the passenger ferry industry was identified as one of our global safety challenges, and this report demonstrates how we are beginning to better understand some of the critical issues in this area and how the Foundation, in partnership with others, can identify areas that will lead to more lives being saved, especially in those areas of the globe that have a less developed safety culture.

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