This final rule has simpler regulations that provide clear requirements for the screening of baggage, personal items, and persons on a cruise ship. This final rule aims to improve the security of cruise ship terminals and allow terminal operators to use effective screening mechanisms with minimal impact to business operations.


The final rule also wants to improve regulatory information by replacing the terminal screening procedures from parts 120 and 128 with new terminal screening procedures in the current MTSA regulations located in Subchapter H.

These changes provide requirements for the screening of all baggage, personal items, and persons, intended for carriage on a cruise ship, and improve the security of cruise ship terminals.

USCG said:

We estimate that this rule will affect 137 MTSA-regulated facilities, 131 cruise ships, and 23 cruise line companies. This rulemaking will have a one-time administrative cost for the development of a terminal screening program and for updating the Facility Security Plan for the prohibited items list. We estimate the one-time cost for these updates to be about $158,660.

See the full Final Rule on Cruise Ship Security, in the following PDF