The project will attempt to identify issues that affect the feeling of loneliness amongst Danish seafarers, especially managers, and young seafarers’ expectations and demands. It will also try to identify the factors that lead to loneliness at sea and how these are affected by changes to the role of managers and technology.


In addition, it will provide recommendations as well as guidance, in order to help limit loneliness at sea and improve the role of managers, along with tools and proposals for specific implementation by companies.

The mental working environment at sea is currently attracting more and more attention, while many places are trying to address this issue. However, there are still problems that can be difficult to tackle and this project aims to help in those, CONOVAH mentioned.

The project is running from 1 October 2018 until 31 March 2020.

Connie S. Gehrt, Director, CONOVAH, stated about the project:

It is not just a matter of identifying problems but very much also of identifying the issues we need to tackle to make the job less lonely.