URLLC (ultra-reliable low latency communications) is one of the three main usage scenarios for 5G because of its ability to transmit data quickly. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has standardized the first version of URLLC solutions as part of the Rel-15 New Radio (NR) work.


In the first test, Nokia and ABB showed how URLLC technology can protect applications in medium-voltage distribution networks. The trial indicated that 5G/URLLC meets latency requirements set by protection applications.

In the second test, Nokia and Kalmar showed the ability of URLLC technology to improve container yard automation. Reliable and low-latency messages are needed, for example, in safety related messages.

Petri Hovila, program manager at ABB, stated:

The 5G URLLC technology provides an affordable communication platform for deployment of these advanced technologies. The results of the WIVE project are encouraging for future utility-scale implementation of 5G

The WIVE project is co-funded by Business Finland and includes industry research units and academic partners such as Nokia, Teleste, Telia, ABB, Kalmar, the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), Digita, regulator FICORA, Finnish universities as well as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.