The program will be implemented across several projects. The first project focuses on developing and experimenting with future fairway services including remote pilotage. Named ‘Fairway’, the project is funded by Business Finland and its industrial partners.

Forthcoming projects under the program will address maritime digitalisation to support One Sea’s aim of a safer, more efficient and sustainable maritime transport and logistics chain.

“We see that utilising modern technology can enable new pilotage services. The aim is to demonstrate and experiment important milestones on the journey towards a smart and autonomous maritime transport system

stated Sanna Sonninen, pilotage director at Finnpilot Pilotage.

In addition, the DIMECC Sea for Value program is closely linked to the One Sea roadmap, aiming to create safer, more efficient and sustainable maritime transport through the exploitation of digital opportunities.

Implementing the programme will bring us closer to realising the One Sea vision, which is to deliver an autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025

added Jukka Merenluoto, senior ecosystem lead at One Sea, an open alliance for global commercial organisations committed to achieving maritime autonomy.