The initial area of focus for the new partnership is the launch of the touch technology SEALL ECDIS which introduces an entirely new user interface, using multi-touch technology display and pioneering software.

The SEALL operating system enables faster and easier access to critical navigation information and simplified front of bridge operations. The SEALL ECDIS introduces a unique combination of software power and simplicity never before seen in an ECDIS, making safety critical navigation tasks easier to complete.


“We are now in a new era of navigation. Companies must innovate to solve user experience challenges for their customers,” said Des Neill, CEO, SEALL ECDIS Ltd. “Our work with GNS reflects our belief that the future of navigation requires new ideas that can deliver safe navigation with increased data volumes and real-time intelligent-response.”

The SEALL ECDIS and GNS’s Voyager back of bridge data management and route planning software share the same underlying technology for handling digital chart data, enabling seamless flow of data, reducing duplication and rekeying and improving voyage planning and execution.

Source & Image credit: GNS