Using the Dassault software Bureau Veritas has already dramatically slashed structural computational and verification times for new designs and is soon to launch a digital Asset Integrity Maintenance system which will capture feedback to maintain a digital twin of the vessel or unit throughout its lifetime. The power and ease of use of the new modelling software enables BV to build a detailed 3D model of the proposed vessel very much more quickly than has ever been achieved before. That model interfaces directly with all BV’s tools, meaning no data has to be entered twice, saving time and improving accuracy.

The model allows end-to-end calculation without data re-entry through all the analysis and design phases, then will facilitate construction by simplifying the order of steel cutting. It will then go on to form a digital twin of the vessel or unit and be maintained in an as-is state for the life of the unit. This will facilitate maintenance and repair or conversion decisions.

Source & Image credit: Bureau Veritas