Today, the shipping industry is highly exposed to the cyber threats and attacks due to the increasing technological connectivity and the few cybersecurity laws and regulations.

Therefore, the Hudson’s HACyberLogix cybersecurity assessment program and Aon’s cyber risk transfer is a collaboration that provides incident response and mitigation services, protecting shipping companies from cyber attacks.

The partnership has merged cybersecurity standards with maritime compliance regimes; As so, the HACyberLogix platform provides to companies and organisations an enterprise view of their cybersecurity capabilities and in the meantime enables them to acknowledge what their best practises are in order to better invest in sustainable controls, processes and solutions.

Striking examples of cyber attacks from the past show the importance of cybersecurity and the lack of measures in order for companies to quickly response to the dangers.

In light of this partnership, Lee Meyrick, CEO of Global Marine at Aon commented that it is of a great importance to understand cyber risk exposures, mitigation strategies and maximizing the effectiveness of their programs.

In addition, Cynthia Hudson, CEO of HudsonAnalytix noted

Our integrated approach will provide the maritime industry with an unprecedented opportunity to implement a cyber response in an accelerated, disciplined, and comprehensive fashion, helping to mitigate damages arising from a cyber incident.

Nevertheless, Hudson's cybersecurity capability along with Aon's integrated response proficiency reflects the collaboration's dynamic on assessing, managing and responing to the expensive impacts of a cyber incident, in favour of the shipping industry stakeholders.