Created by a team of in-house developers, the mobile app gives seafarers a ‘one-stop-shop’ digital platform for the complete management of their professional lives, making administration easier, more secure and completely connected, as CEO Geir Sekkesaeter explains:

All personal data, including experience, training, certification, medical records, and payroll can be accessed and managed from our crewmembers’ phones, and from our onshore office facilities. The crew can see what documents they have submitted, any information they may be missing, and check to ensure they are completely compliant with the requirements for relevant vessels.

In addition, an in-built messaging function enables communication between seafarers, crew managers and the organization as a whole.

The in-house development, testing and refinement process lasted around six months, with Peter Burkal, Managing Director for OSM Crew Management, spearheading the project.

The company recently became one of the first crew management firms to join the UN Global Compact (UNGC) initiative.