While Gothenburg's waterways already incorporate ferries powered by electricity, these operate on short routes across the river. Volvo Penta will be the first fully-electric ferry in the city able to complete longer, multi-stop routes along the river, and incorporate quick charging capabilities.


The opening of the route is part of a plan to introduce more clean energy ferry solutions and the development of a marine demo arena.

The ferry 'Älvsnabben 4' will be converted into the all-electric drive at the hands of Volvo Penta. The work involves removing diesel engine-powered marine drivelines and replacing them with a battery-electric propulsion system of equal power to the outgoing diesel powerplant. At first, the ferry will be charged overnight, supported by an onboard genset running on HVO.

The current plan is for the refit to start in the beginning of 2020, with the target of the ferry entering commercial service on the Göta river by the end of 2020.

Björn Ingemanson, President of Volvo Penta, commented:

We fully support ElectriCity's ambition to bring Gothenburg to life by connecting people across the city in a sustainable way. Volvo Penta has an advantage when it comes to electromobility