The target of the first vessel launching is planned for the fourth quarter of 2020. The project also plans to create 'e5' coastal vessels which need longer cruising range.


The 'e5' concept aspires to give solutions to issues such as shortage of crews, vessel demand balance and environmental regulation. Namely, it hopes that by using the 'e5' concept of ocean transport, a stable energy supply will be achieved.

The new vessel design will be based on five key elements:

1. Electrification: The ships core energy source will be electricity, achieved through lithiumion batteries;

2. Environment: Emission controls along with minimizing noise and vibration along with improvements in vessel operation environmental controls at sea and in port;

3. Economics: Achieving economic efficiency through IoT and digital tools coupled with better propulsion performance from electricity;

4. Efficiency: Simple hull construction and automated equipment can reduce work load for the crew;

5. Evolution: Digitalization and technological advancement leading to innovative design concept for the future of domestic shipping.