Damen FCS 7011 is an all-aluminum monohull FCS 7011,  designed to supply solution for offshore production facilities.

Using Damen’s “Sea Axe” bow and a ride control system for roll and pitch reduction, the vessel will be able to provide increased operability in offshore sea states.

Furthermore, steerable skegs allow accurate course corrections, while a gyroscope maintains stability during crew transfer, with a motion-compensating gangway among its features.

The FCS 7011 will be produced at Metal Shark’s Franklin, Louisiana shipyard, which is also producing a fleet of 85’ Damen-designed patrol boats under the US Navy Near Coastal Patrol Vessel (NCPV) contract awarded in June.

“The FCS 7011 utilizes smart design and the latest technology to bring new levels of comfort, safety, and efficiency to the offshore sector. Metal Shark enjoys a great relationship with Damen and we’re excited to offer this first-in-class vessel to U.S. operators,” said Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard.