"My Fuel Consumption" aims to help with compliance, as it uses a digitized process throughout the various steps of IMO-DCS (declaration of fuel consumption) and EU MRV regulations (CO2 emissions). These regulations aim to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Moreover, with the application operators will be able submit their SEEMP online, and download their Confirmation of Compliance. Furthermore, the will have the ability to complete the declaration of consumption through an on-line form, applicable for both IMO-DCS and EU-MRV, and download the Statement of Compliance.

All ships of 5,000 GT and above must submit IMO-DCS plan to receive a confirmation of compliance, from their flag states or delegated Recognized Organizations (ROs) before January 1st, 2019. "My Fuel Consumption", will help operators fill in and submit their Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMPs) Part II using the app, and then download their confirmation of compliance.


From 2019, all ships of 5,000 GT and above will need to collect and report fuel consumption data for each year, before March 31st of the next year, so that flag states, or delegated ROs, can validate the ship data by May 31 and issue IMO-DCS statements of compliance  to shipowners. This is already effective from 2018 onwards for EU-MRV applicable ships.

The second phase of "My Fuel Consumption, which is planned for June, will help owners complete their declarations, for both IMO-DCS and EU-MRV, using a unique online form. Operators will also can check the progress of their reviews with Bureau Veritas using the app and then download their statement of compliance.