The firm, which launched the first ever type approved PAYS ENC service to the market in 2012, says that over 80% of its subscribers now use PAYS - a delivery method that supplies clear efficiency benefits to an industry that is now, more than ever, defined by cost control and the effective use of resources.

Unlike traditional ENC subscription models, which are based on set areas and time scales, NAVTOR’s PAYS only levies charges for the charts navigators actually use during voyages, while allowing them to instantly access any chart for planning.

“Shipowners and operators are increasingly migrating to PAYS,” comments NAVTOR CEO Tor Svanes. “It’s a flexible, user-friendly and very cost effective way to navigate, with simple ordering and management of the ENCs that vessels and global fleets actually use.

“Furthermore, it’s transparent – with users and managers seeing exactly what they are paying for – and the fact that all charts (including licences and permits) are instantly available, and easy to update, online means no lengthy pre-ordering process, or unnecessary wastage associated with un-used charts.

“In a tight market, it’s yet another way to keep track of operational expenditure and cut down on paperwork and man-hours.”

Source: NAVTOR