In fact, the milestone voyage was achieved by the "Navigator Capricorn", a 20,550cbm semi-refrigerated gas carrier, loaded LPG for U.S. midstream company Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminal L.P. on 18th January 2021.

In addition, the voyage commenced at the Marcus Hook export terminal located in Pennsylvania, U.S., and is set to transport cargo safely, reliably and efficiently across the Atlantic to Morocco.

What is more, along with the technology company CHOOOSE, Navigator has committed to offset 1,068 metric tonnes of CO2 by supporting a UN-verified renewable energy project.

"Carbon reduction is a key strategic objective for our company and follows our mission of connecting the world today, creating a sustainable tomorrow. Offsetting is one of several tools we choose to use in order to deliver a true carbon-neutral voyage. We are looking at ways to further promote and develop similar voyages in collaboration with our stakeholders whilst always keeping the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in mind."

....said Oeyvind Lindeman, Chief Commercial Officer at Navigator.

Overall, in light of reducing carbon footprint, Navigator looks to further low the current carbon emissions associated with day-to-day shipping activities.