With workers often experiencing low pay, discrimination, fatigue, mental health issues and poor workplace conditions, the campaign commits to promoting a fair deal for all workers.

Most people expect fairness in all aspects of life – fair pay for fair work, fair treatment from others and fair rules and regulations, but too often this isn't the case for those working at sea.

...General secretary Mark Dickinson, noted.

What is more, the campaign focused on five key strands: fair treatment, access, pay, society and workplaces.

The seafaring industry is truly unique, and this unfortunately means that sometimes workers find themselves in situations that simply wouldn't happen in most other professions. That's why we're committed to securing improvements across all aspects of the industry, to protect those currently working within it and to ensure those contemplating a career in the sector are not put off by out-of-date and simply unfair regulations and loopholes.

...Mark Dickinson added.

Following the situation, Nautilus will further conduct an initiative in order to develop and understand the current standard of living and working conditions onboard, exposing cases where seafarers and maritime professionals are treated unfairly by employers, while also sharing best practice to support the mental and physical wellbeing of members at sea.