Through their partnership, Nautilus Labs goals to improve decision-making and boost vessel connectivity within the operations.

Scaling instrumentation, marine services and support is crucial to ensuring that different types of vessels and shipping businesses have the opportunity to unlock access to their data. Nautilus is pleased to partner with Insatech to drive the vessel connectivity necessary for our platform to inform improved decision-making that drive profit uplifts and minimized global footprint.

... said Leigh Jaffe, Director of Corporate Development at Nautilus.

What is more, both sides aim to allow customers to quickly and easily collect and transmit their datasets from ship to shore and make better decisions in the future.

We’re proud to partner with Nautilus to enable shipping companies to easily and quickly collect and transmit data to gain actionable insights and recommendations. Our collaboration will enable our clients to more seamlessly access Nautilus Platform to become more profitable and sustainable.

...Jacob Møller, Managing Director at Insatech concluded.