The two partners aim to generate synergy effects for the commissioning of newbuild or retrofitted vessels, which have been equipped with LNG engines and the respective system components.

The first project implemented by the collaboration, was the commissioning and initial LNG bunkering of the research vessel Atair at the Fassmer shipyard on February 6, 2020. Fassmer was awarded the contract to build the new sea surveying, wreck search and research vessel for the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).

The vessel is expected to begin service in 2020 and will replace the previous ship with the same name.

In the collaboration, Nauticor purchased and transported the LNG for the initial bunkering and supported Fassmer in the execution of the operation. Furthermore, Nauticor will ensure the supply of LNG throughout the whole LNG trial period.

Richard Schröder, CEO of Nauticor commented that

This successful initial LNG bunkering operation for the Atair clearly illustrates the importance of cooperation for innovative projects, such as the first German research vessel running on LNG.

Christian Schmidt, Fassmer’ s Head of Project, added that as one of the few European shipyards they saw an increased interest in newbuilds and retrofits equipped with environmentally-friendly propulsion.


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