Specifically, the dredger Scheldt River received the low emission fuel from the bunker supply vessel (BSV) Kairos, as Brunsbüttel Ports, DEME and Nauticor reported in a joint statement.

Scheldt River belongs and is operated by the DEME Group; For the time being it is conducting maintenance dredging works on the Lower Elbe.


According to the joint statement, by using LNG, a wide range of emissions, especially sulphur, nitrogen and particle matters, as well as carbon dioxide, can be significantly reduced. Therefore, LNG is seen as more environmentally-friendly in comparison to traditional oil-based marine fuels.

Kairos was christened in Hamburg on February 2019, is owned by Babcock Schulte Energy and is operated on behalf of the German LNG supplier Nauticor.

STS LNG bunkering marks a highlight for Germany's shipping sector in general, as by using larger BSVs, it becomes practical both economically and ecologically to supply larger vessels with a significant amount of LNG.

In early October the DEME Group and Nauticor inked a framework agreement for the supply of an LNG the BSV Kairos to DEME’s fleet of newbuild vessels with LNG propulsion. The first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation in a German port marks the start of extended cooperation.