The symbolic first cut of the spade, in August 9, signaled the beginning of the construction of the new hall 11. 

The future shipbuilding complex will be 385 metres long, 99 metres wide and up to 24 metres high. Centrepiece will be a highly productive semi-automatic panel line, one of the most advanced in the world, welding panels of up to 25 x 16 meters.

Furthermore, the laser-hybrid technique offers high quality standards at less heat production. Besides the panel line, hall 11 will also house a new section building line and a section outfitting line.

Commissioning of the facilities are scheduled in summer 2018. The Rostock site will then manufacture 80 large sections per ship of the 342-metre long Global Class.

“With these new facilities we will significantly increase the capacity of our steel prefabrication – and thus increase our productivity too,” explained Chief Operating Office Holger Tepper in the course of the event. 

Credit: MV Werften