“Crystal Endeavor” will be the largest  and is expected to start its journey on 2020, travelling in the world’s polar and most remote destinations.

“The ‘Crystal Endeavor’ is a truly exceptional ship. We are proud to be able to implement this project and are particularly pleased to, once again, be starting shipbuilding activities in the Stralsund shipyard, creating hundreds of new jobs,” said Jarmo Laakso, CEO of MV WERFTEN.

The megayacht will cruise in Polar Regions during the summer and autumn in medium “first year” ice, possibly including old ice inclusions.

“We look forward to this innovative expedition yacht with great anticipation in the Stralsund shipyard. A highlight is our investment of over 20 million euros in new equipment so that the Stralsund shipyard will be able to build cruise ships efficiently in the future,” Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Genting Hong Kong Chairman and CEO, concluded.