Vessel sank on February with the loss of 15 men

icons/NickelOre.JPGThe North P&I Club has been informed that the bulk carrier "Harita Bauxite" which sank on 17 February with the loss of 15 lives was carrying a cargo of nickel ore loaded at Obi Island, Indonesia.

In light of recent reports that a number of cargoes presented for shipment from Obi Island have been determined to be too wet to load, and that Masters are being presented with cargo documentation of questionable authenticity,

Operators intending to load nickel ore from this area are encouraged to exercise particular caution and must notify the Club in accordance with the mandatory notification requirements set out in Club's Circular 2012/023 - Dangers of Carrying Nickel Ore from Indonesia and the Philippines - Mandatory Notification Requirements.

Operators are also reminded of the recommendations contained in Club Circular 2011/009 - Indonesia and the Philippines - Safe Carriage of Nickel Ore Cargoes.

Source: North P&I Club