In addition, local media report that APSEZ has applied for environment and coastal regulation zone (CRZ) clearances to increase the capacity of Mundra by 385 million tons (mt). As of now, Mundra has gained approval for handling 225 mt.


The potential expansion of Mundra’s waterfront development plan (WFDP) includes expanding the quay length by 14,470 metres, growing back-up facilities for handling multi-purpose, liquid, gas and cryogenic cargo.

The eastern and western breakwater will also be extended by 500 metres each in the south port, while a 5,000 metre-long breakwater will be built on the eastern side of west port. For this reason, dredging of about 350 million cubic metres of sand and other materials from the sea bed is necessary.

The expansion will take place within the approved area of 5,170 hectares of water front development plan. Mundra runs nine ports and terminals on India’s eastern and western coasts, and accounts for 24% of the India’s overall port capacity.

Moreover, the expansion plan will be developed with the aim to accommodate berths and storage facilities as multi-purpose. It will also consist of berths at various locations, material handling area, cargo storage area, operational and utility area, internal connectivity, drainage, greenbelt and numerous utilities, amenities and bunkering facilities.