Calling Messaging and Voicemail solution, specially designed for the crew

MTN-logoMTN Communications (MTN) announced the general availability of a calling app for maritime crew. MTN "OceanPhone Mobile" leverages the Wi-Fi infrastructure on vessels, as well as the MTN network, for calling and messaging. The app runs independently of other subscribed services.

MTN OceanPhone Mobile, an extension of MTN's "OceanPhone" calling solution for crew, makes it possible for the crew to stay in touch using their own smartphones and tablets. This enables easier, more cost-effective access to family and friends back home or those working on other vessels. Crew can download OceanPhone Mobile for free from the Apple or Google Play App Stores, then simply purchase an OceanPhone Mobile plan onboard their vessel.

Some of the key features developed specially for crew, family and friends include lower-priced calling designed specifically for app-to-app calls or messages to others who have OceanPhone Mobile on the same ship, other ships, and family and friends on shore who also have OceanPhone Mobile. It also includes free text messaging with all pricing plans, ability to make and receive calls to/from any number and a dedicated personal telephone number for each user.

"Crew are one of the most valuable assets to any vessel's operation, and are on the vessels for months at a time," said Chris Leber, executive vice president, commercial business development, MTN. "Extending our OceanPhone product, which is already on 96 vessels around the world, to a mobile app was a natural evolution. Our goal for this product was to allow crew to be able to use their own devices to make and receive calls, no matter the market. But we also had to take into account the family and friends back home and on other vessels. With our MTN network, managing calls on-Net' allows us to offer the crew great calling plans, as well as a cost-effective solution to family and friends to keep in touch."

OceanPhone Mobile is also an alternative for corporate calling from vessel-to-vessel or even to-and-from headquarters. As long as there is a Wi-Fi network on the vessel, OceanPhone Mobile can enable a connection.

Source: MTN