Protect the resiliency of cyber systems supporting maritime transportation

Cyber-Security-and-RiskThe IMO's Committee on Maritime Safety (MSC) held its 94th Session (MSC 94) from Monday 17 through Friday 21 November 2014.

Regarding cyber security matters, the Committee considered a proposal to develop voluntary guidelines on cyber security practices to protect and enhance the resiliency of cyber systems supporting the operations of ports, vessels, marine facilities and other elements of the maritime transportation system and agreed to coordinate its future work on this matter with the Facilitation Committee.

The MSC also agreed that cyber security was an important and timely issue, but that the Organization should not take unilateral action on this matter without consultation with other United Nations bodies and relevant international organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Member States and observer organizations were invited to consider the issue and submit proposals to the next session of the Committee.

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Source: IMO