Accordingly, the Green Port Program is in line with Singapore’s Maritime    Singapore    Green    Initiative    (“MSGI”) to encourage environmental sustainability amongst ocean-going vessels calling at the Port of Singapore.

The improvements made to the program are:

(i)25% port dues reduction will apply to ocean-going vessels that

  1. Use LNG as a marine fuel in the Port of Singapore;
  2. Exceed current IMO’s Energy Efficiency  Design  Index  (“EEDI”)requirements(new item)

ii)25% port dues reduction will no longer apply to ocean-going vessels that

  1. Use clean fuels with a sulphur content of ≤ 0.50% m/m;
  2. Use approved abatement/scrubber technology  by  which  equivalent levels of sulphur oxide are achieved.

The enhancements to GPP will come into effect on 1 Jan2020, and the GPP will be extended till 31 Dec 2024.

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In addition, MPA Singapore reviewed two existent programs and decided to extend both of them by 5 more years, starting from 1 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024.

Yet, MPA made amendments to the qualifying criteria on the concession scheme for GPP vessels calling the port of Singapore.

In essence:

  1. 5-year waiver of craft port dues for LNG-fuelled harbour craft
  2. 10%  port  dues  concession  for  Green  Port  Programme (GPP) vessels  that engage LNG-fuelled harbour craft for port operations: This programme grants 10% port dues concession to Green Port Programme (GPP) registered vessels that are serviced by LNG-fuelled harbour craft during their port.

This is in addition to the 25% port dues concession that  GPP-registered vessels receive during their stay in the Port of Singapore.

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