This measure aims to enable safe continuation of crew changes, BIMCO informed, and follows another measures announced this week.

With effect from 11 January, MPA has implemented sea launch transfer for enhanced crew change procedures. Under this measure:

  • All agents/owners shall charter the entire launch boat when performing crew change. There shall be no other personnel taking the same launch boat with the sign on/sign off crew.
  • Crew shall remain in the vehicle/transport until the launch boat(s) is/are ready for boarding. Crew shall not be loitering at the pier for the launch boat.

In addition, earlier this week, MPA Singapore announced that full personal protective equipment will be required within region's crew changes operations.

With effect from 3rd January, MPA has also banned all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors with recent travel history to South Africa within the last 14 days, including crew.