The announcement for the launch was made from Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health, who along with 11 other government agencies and the Tropical Marine Science Institute from National University of Singapore, will develop GeoSpace-Sea in phases.

For the time being, data concerning sea space resides is managed from a variety of agencies.


The first phase of the project is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2019.

In the first place, the database will consist of  hydrographic data, marine environment data such as coastline details, and habitat data. Then, when the first phase is completed, the user agencies will be able to enter and acquire authorised marine and coastal geospatial data in a single location including viewing the seabed in three-dimension.

Dr Lam commented

The marine knowledge generated through the GeoSpace-Sea initiative will serve us well in the areas of marine and coastal spatial planning, marine science R&D, marine conservation, climate change adaptation, and disaster response.

In addition, the next phases of the system will be provided to institutes of higher learning and marine science institutes for marine science research, while also the developers will apply for 3D  and near real-time coastal and seabed visualisation, and marine models and simulations.

What's more, the system will call users to integrate and overlay various marine, coastal and land data, so that all users will be able to co-relate, analyse and utilise the various geospatial data types.

Concluding, the eleven participants in the project include:

  1. Building and Construction Authority;
  2. Centre for Liveable Cities;
  3. Housing & Development Board;
  4. JTC Corporation;
  5. National Environment Agency;
  6. National Parks Board;
  7. National Research Foundation;
  8. PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency;
  9. Singapore Food Agency;
  10. Singapore Land Authority;
  11. Urban Redevelopment Authority.