Mainly, the key features are similar to the revision of existing weight limitations of dangerous goods imposed at PSA Pasir Panjang container berths (P01-P41) and the inclusion of weight limitations of dangerous goods for the new berths at the PSA Jurong Island Terminal G01-G02.


Also, as far as the cargoes that contain ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate fertilizers under IMO Class 5.1, pursuant to regulation 42 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Dangerous Goods, Petroleum and Explosives) Regulations 2005 (the “Regulations”), MPA obliges the cargoes to be packed in containers.

In addition to the above kind of cargoes, the Port Master requires that a Certificate of Analysis should be issued to the Authority before arrival of the vessel in port or loading, that clearly states the percentage of total combustible matter, including organic matter calculated as carbon.

This certificate has to be submitted to obtain to the Port Master’s permission, under regulation 44(4)(b) of the Regulations, for the loading of dangerous goods onto a vessel.

In conclusion, MPA Singapore advises that the above mentioned requirements take effect from 1 January 2019 and the Shipping Community is advised to take note and comply.