Taking effect from July 1st 2020, the height restriction in the Cruise Bayfor all vessels will berevised from  52 metres to 50metres.

The amendments are as follows:

  • Under Regulation 49(1) of the MPA (Port) Regulations, a person must not cause  or  permit  a  vessel exceeding  50  metres  in  height  to  enter  or remain in the Cruise Bay.
  • Under Regulation  49(2) of  theMaritime  and  Port  Authority  of  Singapore (Port) Regulations, a person must not cause or permit a vessel in the Cruise Bay to be modified to attain a height exceeding 50 metres.

According to the Regulation 49 of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (Port)  Regulations,  the  owner,  agent,  master  or  person-in-charge  of a vessel exceeding 48 metres in height is to obtain prior written approval of the Port Master before entering, manoeuvring within or leaving Cruise Bay.

The Authority informs that the height of a vessel is measured vertically from the waterline of the vessel to the highest point of the vessel including its cargo, structure, or equipment on board. If there are extendible structures on board, the  highest  point  shall  be  the maximum  height  attainable  by  these  structures when fully  extended,  if  such  extended  height  exceeds  the  height  of  its  cargo,  or  fixed structures or equipment.