The 10th annual Maritime Employee Survey has surveyed individuals within the global shipping and maritime markets, in order to provide a detailed view of financial and motivational issues from an employee perspective.

The survey unveiled that 62% (compared with 56% last year) of shore-based shipping industry employees are concerned over job security, particularly those employed in vessel operations. Job security was ranked as the most important aspect (57% of respondents) when considering a career move, followed by the reputation of the employer.

Key findings

Key findings of the survey can be summarized as follows:

  • 70% of participants feel their employer could do more to achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • 25% of all respondents believe they have been discriminated against at work.
  • We are seeing less confidence in the shipping jobs market and job security is now the most important aspect for job seekers when considering a career move.
  • The amount of survey participants receiving a bonus is similar to the last two years but a greater percentage of people are unhappy with the amount they received (although bonus amounts have not changed significantly).
  • The Asia Pacific region is still seen by the majority to offer the greatest opportunity for work but considerably less so than in previous years with Europe and the Middle East gaining considerable ground over previous years.
  • 54% of participants are looking actively for a new job and a further 41% are not looking but open to offers.
  • 69% of brokers/charters/traders received a bonus within the last 12 months.
  • Legal/P&I/insurance sectors fared best with respect to salary increases with 50% receiving a pay rise in the previous 12 months.
  • Training is still very important with 74% of respondents stating they are motivated to participate in training to order to gain industry specific knowledge and enhance their career development.

Commenting on the results, Heidi Heseltine, Halcyon Recruitment Chief Executive Officer, said:

It is unsurprising to see job security causing concern to employees. Volatile market conditions continue. Companies who are in a strong position financially are often investing by way of mergers and acquisitions. This is happening across all sectors – tanker, gas, dry, offshore, technology, finance, broking – and with some very big players. Combined with continued slow economic growth, an uneasy geopolitical backdrop and fragile economies, uncertainty for employees has only heightened.