In fact, the switchover was established with the support of the Scottish Enterprise.

What is more, ION also worked closely with Montrose Port Authority and industry experts to develop a compelling technology roadmap focused on driving real value in port operations of all sizes.

The introduction to Montrose Port Authority and support from Scottish Enterprise has been invaluable. We have direct insight into the port’s operational environment to develop our software, and in return, it is great to see a positive impact on a Scottish business Senior Vice President of ION’s Edinburgh-based Software group, Stuart Darling, said.

Replacing manual port operation procedures with a digital system further boosts port's digital transformation.

According to the company, port call optimization, back office digitalization and port community engagement are intended to enhance decision-making and drive increased revenue, efficiency and sustainability, such as reducing standby and related fuel emissions.

The technology deployed in Montrose aims to address a global marine market and it is fantastic the digital switch over that started in Scotland could spark ideas for projects across many industries.

....CEO of Montrose Port Authority, Tom Hutchison concluded.