Monalisa 2 STM Validation received the SMART4SEA Innovation Award, sponsored by HEMEXPO, for introducing smart solutions for sharing information data which result in efficient, safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport in the EU while at the same time reduce administrative burdens. This EU-funded project has enhanced Sea Traffic Management by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current maritime ship- and transport systems, operations and interactions, and defining a target concept and key performance indicators for STM strategic enablers. Other short-listed nominees for this category were: Kongsberg Maritime, Laros by Prisma Electronics, Marine Traffic and North of England P&I Club.

Presenting the award Mrs. Helen Polychronopoulou, President of HEMEXPO, on behalf of the sponsor stated:

“On behalf of HEMEXPO, the group of Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters, bringing together organizations sharing a common innovative vision towards safer shipping it is my pleasure today to present the winner of the first SMART4SEA Innovation Award selected from a short list of distinguished nominees. Given the current and future availability of broadband satellite communication, Sea Traffic Management is of vital importance for enhanced operational safety where data sharing is essential. Sincere congratulations to MONALISA 2.0 project which has succeeded in keeping updated various stakeholders by assuring both transparency and safety at sea traffic. Fore and foremost, this EU project has innovated in proving that through cooperation everything can happen. Now that industry moves forward to a smarter era a collaborative approach in sea traffic management, is imperative’’

Accepting the award on behalf of Monalisa 2 STM Validation, Mr. Ulf Siwe, Communications Manager stated

“It is an honor just to be nominated. I really want to congratulate the other nominees, and I hope to cooperate with you all in the future. Sea Traffic Management is about sharing and collaborating. There are more than 60 partners in the current project. They help building the momentum for the new way of exchanging information that we are introducing. SAFETY4SEA & SMART4SEA are well renowned internationally; and Greece is the greatest shipping nation in the world in many ways. That is why it is so special to accept the Innovation Award here in Athens, this evening”

Congratulating the winner of SMART4SEA Innovation Award, Mr. Apostolos Belokas, Founder and Managing Editor of SAFETY4SEA, commented:

‘’We are grateful to all those voted in inaugural SMART4SEA Awards. Their participation is always essential for rewarding industry’s innovations, such as this EU project. Monalisa 2 – STM Validation has been rewarded among other distinguished short-listed nominees for its unique approach in data sharing for enhanced maritime safety. Nowadays, that smart shipping has caused a revolution in the way ships are navigating; we cannot imagine living in a world without information. This project successfully provides real-time information resulting in transparency and operational efficiency.’’

The MONALISA 2.0 is project with a consortium of 39 partners and a budget of 24 million euro involving: Voyage Management services which provide support to individual ships in both the planning process and during a voyage, including route planning, route exchange, and route optimisation services; Flow Management services which support both onshore organisations and ships in optimising overall traffic flow through areas of dense traffic and areas with particular navigational challenges; Port CDM services which increase the efficiency of port calls for all stakeholders through improved information sharing, situational awareness, optimised processes, and collaborative decision making during port calls and; SeaSWIM services which facilitate data sharing using a common information environment and structure.

Monalisa 2 STM Validation attracted the most votes by the end of the voting period which held online during a two-month period. The inaugural presentation of the SMART4SEA Awards took place at the closing of the 2017 SMART4SEA Conference & Awards within the scope of awarding industry’s outstanding practices for Excellence, Innovation and Technology. Other winners of the 2017 SMART4SEA Awards were: Inmarsat for the 2017 SMART4SEA Excellence Award and Transas which received the 2017 SMART4SEA Technology Award. More details on the procedure may be found at