Specifically, onboard the vessel there were 372 passengers and a crew of 252 on board, and it was arranged to sail to Saipan. According to the company's statement, neither passengers, nor crewmembers were injured and there was no fuel spill from the collision.


Moreover, MOL is aware of the allegations of alcohol used on the day of the accident.

Additionally, MOPAS has a very strict Drug, Alcohol Policy that demands 'abstain from drinking alcohol four (4) hours before performing scheduled duties on the day'. Anyone that violates the policy is immediately removed.

The Master in charge of maneuvering has been suspended pending the results of the investigation.

Concluding, the Nippon Maru returned to Port and is currently docked at Pier F3 and undergoing a full assessment. An initial examination shows the Nippon Maru sustained damage to the lower portion of the stern of the vessel.