The three companies decided to undertake this task as a core project to promote the use and application of information and communication technology (ICT), such as IoT and Big Data, aboard vessels and ashore.

Namely, detailed voyage and engine data on actual voyages will be collected from about 150 vessels in operation and stored in a cloud-based data platform to develop applications for advanced ship operation monitoring and propulsion performance analysis that draws upon all three companies' technology and know-how.

The project will further enhance safe operation and reduce environmental impact through user-friendly applications, which will further deepen cooperation between vessels and shore-based facilities.

Through "FOCUS", the companies will deploy actual operational data, such as Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), which relies on engine status diagnosis and failure sign diagnosis technologies, realizing "visualization at sea" by transmitting voice and visual information of vessels in operation to the shore side, optimizing operation by applying artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and enhancing ship management by applying digital twin technology.