Namely, as part of the agreement, NAPA will develop various safety and environmental applications and will create powerful, user-friendly tools for both shoreside and shipboard teams to use in the FOCUS project.

“ The clock is already counting down for shipping to drastically reduce its carbon footprint by 2050, therefore we need to start collaborating now to develop the solutions that will get us where we need to be, while ensuring that safety remains a top priority and continues to improve. We are looking forward to working as part of FOCUS to create a new generation of solutions.”, Naoki Mizutani, Executive Vice President of NAPA Shipping Solutions, at NAPA, commented.

This is not the first time that NAPA and MOL collaborate; the organizations have an extensive history of successful collaboration with NAPA providing to MOL analytic services to measure and enhance voyage and vessel performance since 2014. In addition, NAPA has executed the performance analysis and reporting for nearly 100 of MOL’s time-chartered bulk carriers with zero on board installation since 2018.