Den Hartogh Logistics is a leading global logistics company that operates more than 19.000 tank containers that transfer liquid chemicals and gasses intercontinental, intraregional and domestic.


In the meantime, it also handles 7,000 box containers for the polymer and food industry.

The company has surpassed the expansion of its business on a global scale, via proactive mergers and acquisitions to fuel its growth, while reliably meeting customers’ diverse transport needs.

Moreover, MOL Chemical Tankers runs a global fleet size of up to 80 parcel chemical tankers, along with those operated by the newly acquired MOL Nordic Tankers A/S.

MOL Chemical Tankers has moved forward to a joint venture company aiming to build and operate a chemical tank terminal in Antwerp, Belgium.

As capital and business partners Den Hartogh Logistics and MOLCT will further develop a mutual global customer network and strengthen its competitiveness as service providers of global liquid chemical logistics.