Through this achievement, Moín joins the terminals with the highest productivity in Latin America and those ones with the best record for accident prevention.

It is essential for the company to ensure the well-being of all the people who work in the terminal. We are pleased to see that accident prevention and reduction initiatives have had a big impact and we intend to continue expanding these metrics in a process of continuous improvement.

....Hartmut Goeritz, CEO of APM Terminals Moin stated.

APM Terminals informed that works under a safety program focused on the five main causes of incidents in the industry, known to employees as the Fatal Five: transportation, working at height, suspended loads and lifting, stored energy and contractor control, having as a main purpose to maintain an outstanding record in this area.

What is more, the terminal keeps all of its employees well-trained concerning their operational performance, while all tasks are carried out with a risk and control manual, in which all the potential safety risks are detailed.

The Terminal has adopted a process of continuous improvement to continue developing work systems that allow greater control and prevention of accidents with the aim of continuing this accident free period.

...APM Terminals concluded.