METIS Cyberspace Technology SA. received the award for specializing in the development of innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence that empower shipping companies towards digital transformation. One of the most prominent examples is the optimization of Hull & Propeller performance through the application of AI and Machine Learning models. Other short-listed nominees for this category were: ABS, C Teleport and Kongsberg.

 Presenting the award, Mr. Stavros Meidanis, DPA/CSO/S&Q Manager, Capital Ship Management Corp, said “MIT Professor Konstantinos Daskalakis has stated that artificial Intelligence is a combination of many examples, simple assumptions, probabilities, statistics and specialized knowledge. One of the biggest challenges for the future is how we can assure the existing fields and perceptions will change to realize augmented and artificial intelligence. In 2016, METIS was established to introduce Internet of Things, Machine Learning and AI. Since then, the company has always been in the front line, providing innovative and pioneering solutions which assist shipping in keeping pace with digitalization’’

Accepting the award on behalf of METIS Cyberspace Technology SA., Mr. Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, stated METIS has been established with the vision to empower shipping companies on their digital transformation journey towards a new shipping era. We strongly believe that by applying SMART technologies and investing in Digitalization, shipping companies can achieve all of the above and even more will be able to safeguard the future of their business. Utilizing the Power of A.I. and M.L. METIS converts raw data into valuable and actionable intelligence that enables multiple levels of management within a shipping company to effectively understand the environment on which they operate’’

 In less than 4 years since its establishment, METIS Cyberspace Technology SA has managed to make a significant impact on the Global Maritime Industry, specializing in the development of innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and further empowering shipping companies on their journey towards digital transformation. METIS monitors in real time a wide range of vessel parameters and records thousands of signals through its marine-specific, data acquisition equipment which is type approved by Lloyd’s Register. Namely, METIS incorporates a fully automated, accurate and reliable Data Acquisition system with high-grade Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, providing useful and actionable information. The collected data are screened, cleaned and synchronized in order to ensure the highest possible reliability. METIS then conducts specialized analysis based on data and through its unique user interface is able to deliver valuable intelligence to all users of the shipping company.

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA. attracted the most votes by the end of the voting period which held online during a two-month period. SMART4SEA Awards are held annually within the scope of awarding industry’s outstanding practices for e-navigation, connectivity, energy efficiency, cyber security, training and smart shipping technology. Other winners of the 2020 SMART4SEA Awards are: MarineFields Holding Ltd for the e-Navigation Award, OTESAT – MARITEL for the Connectivity Award, LAROS for the Energy Efficiency Award, Wärtsilä for the Cyber Security Award, DNVGL for the Training Award, Mr. Dimitris Theodossiou, Managing Director, DANAOS Management Consultants S.A.for the Personality Award and Mr. Tor A. Svanes, Managing Director, NAVTOR AS for the Leadership Award.

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