The previous 15 days, the four incidents took place in the Ningde waters where the foreign ships always drop anchor, waiting to berth at Ningde Port or Kement Port of Fujian Province.

Specifically, Huatai Insurance Agency handled two amongst the incidents. The incidents caused the vessel's propeller twined by the fishing net.

The position of the incident area including the position of the 5 fishing nets. Credit: Huatai Insurance Agency

The Agency proposes to vessels:

  • Choosing a proper position to drop anchor where is away from the fishing net area;
  • In the possibility of no choice, they should enter the area in daytime carefully;
  • Enhancing look-out, warn every other vessel that tries to approach the ship;
  • In case the incident occurs, fishermen onboard will be banned;
  • Seek more information from a local agency, if needed.

Furthermore, in the past many are the incidents that have occurred concerning fishing nets.

Huatai Insurance Agency handled 71 fishery farm entry claims in China through 2017.

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