To support this goal, Marshall Islands will be providing the following:


Real Time Reporting

  • Information that should be transmitted is: 1) the country and port (or place) the incident has occurred; and 2) the demand being made (examples are cigarettes, soda drinks, alcohol, a small cash payment, a large cash payment, sundries, miscellaneous items, presents or unjustified fees).

Information Sharing

  • Reporting after an Incident: MACN Members: Report corrupt practice demands directly to MACN through its anonymous incident reporting system;
  • Non-MACN Members: Reports should be made to the Marshall Islands, using form MI-360. The information will be anonymized and analyzed for trends. Reports may also be made to MACN using their anonymous incident report system;
  • All RMI-flagged vessel owners and operators may advise the Administrator periodically (quarterly suggested) on corrupt practice demands involving their vessels. This information will be used in current and future deliberations on maritime corruption taking place at the International Maritime Organization and in continued dialog with MACN;
  • Reports may be provided in a consolidated spreadsheet.