LR issues Statutory Alert

LR-logo The Administration of Denmark has certified an Approved Method for certain MAN B&W L50MC engines.

The Method comprises changes to the engine fuel injectors and is certified for engines with a maximum continuous rating (MCR) of between 1,075 - 1330 kW/cylinder and a speed between 133 - 148 rpm.

Installation of thisApproved Method will be mandatory no later than the first renewal survey (five-year survey) for MARPOL Annex VI which occurs on or after 5 June, 2015, subject to its commercial availability.

More information is available in IMO Circular MEPC.1/Circ.837 which applies to all vessels regardless of flag.

What should owners and operators do now?

Owners and operators of ships which are within the construction date range, and which have MAN B&W L50MC engines, should check with the manufacturer to see if the Approved Method applies to their vessel (see also MAN B&W's online self-check facility). If it applies, the Approved Method should be installed before the next MARPOL Annex VI renewal survey.

Guidance from LR and the IMO on the Approved Method requirements

To assist shipowners and other interested parties, Lloyd's Register has published Frequently Asked Questions on theApproved Method requirements. The IMO has also issued guidance in Resolution MEPC.243(66).

The Approved Method requirement was introduced under revised MARPOL Annex VI to restrict nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions to no more than the limit values given for Tier I engines. It applies to marine diesel engines, with a power output of more than 5,000 kW and a displacement at or above 90 litres per cylinder, installed on ships constructed (having their keel laid) on or after January 1, 1990 but before January 1,2000.

Source: LR Statutory Alert